Starting a Business?

We have professional, skilled, honest and hard working team members committed to the successful launch of your dreams. Whether starting something in manufacturing, retail, extraction or any other vertical, Xeribas Consulting has the team for you.

Help Navigating the Rules?

Xeribas Consulting has alredy done the heavy research on the complex and convoluted regulations. Our teams can also take care of all the licensing and find what is right for you. Just let us know!

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Security and Surveillance

Learn more about the Security and Surveillance consulting services offerd by Xeribas Consulting. This is our most common and integrated service.

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Check out the common areas that Xeribas Consulting works through for and with interested entrepreneurs. Seed-to-sale is one of the most critical components.

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Licensing and Regulation

Learn more about the ways in which Xeribas Consulting can help you with the issues and "gotcha's" commonly associated with entrepreneurs entering a new venture.

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Distribution and Retail Services

Learn more about how Xeribas Consulting can help in the research and implementation of distribution centers or retail locations.

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Investment and Financing

Take a look at the ways a business like yours can benefit from the Financial and Investment consulting services we offer for the industry.

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Asset Storage/Transport

Xeribas Consulting is experienced in asset protection and transportation. We have thought of things others haven't! Learn more here.

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About Us

Xeribas Consulting is a ground-up style agency that treats our customers and clients as we would family. When someone is in a hard place, they feel vulnerable and are reluctant to ask for help. We are here to proactively reach out to the community to offer our help before any hard places are found. Our goal is to keep you happy and ensure your success in your ventures.

We proudly offer a full line of services all around the agriculture industry, although our focus is in the technology associated with the industry. Through our decades of experience in the industry, we have seen many areas that are often overlooked when it comes to innovation. We are here to find the best technologies and help our customers implement the ones that they can benefit from the most.

Latest News

Xeribas Consulting,
Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Although we have been doing this for several years (going back to 2005), we are just getting our own brand and licensing. We look forward to proudly servicing the ever-growing Oregon agriculture Industry with honesty, integrity and reliability.

Green Outlook

We are an environmentally and societally conscious company. We have chosen to work with New Avenues for Youth as we start our community relationship of giving back. Please check out New Avenue's mission.

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